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Florida.Предложение от зарубежного партнера.

28.06.2011 г.

Below market Florida properties. We are confident that all the information you would require regarding the properties, local area and potential pitfalls are all located on one easy to navigate webpage;


Without wanting to replicate any of the information that you can find on this page I would like to take this opportunity to explain why we have decided to concentrate our efforts on Florida. First and foremost is the massive price reduction on offer with some properties selling at over 70% below their selling price of a few years ago.

Secondly the area has suffered due to the global recession but the fact that it attracts so many visitors, and has a large working population residing nearby means that future capital appreciation will benefit all investors. With over 300 sunshine days a year Florida is one of the major tourist destinations of the world. Disney World, Universal Studios, the Everglades, numerous world-class golf courses and some superb beaches are just some of the reasons why some 70 million visitors come to the Sunshine State every year.

Finally our local partners will ensure all properties are renovated to a high standard and will come complete with tenants to ensure an immediate cash flow for investors. A full management service is also available making this an ideal armchair investment with very low risk.

Any client looking at the Florida market would be well advised to read over our special report – “Pitfalls of Buying Florida Properties” which can be viewed on the following link:


Please take a moment to review all the information from the first link, paying particular attention to the Introducing Florida report, USA Feasibility report and our Guide to Buying BMV Properties in Florida.

Our selection of properties is constantly changing and I would recommend you contacting me for an up to date portfolio or if you have any questions regarding the above.

Best Regards

Andrew Davidson

Landmark Developments AG
Zeughausgasse 3

Tel 44 (0) 871 218 0888
Fax 44 (0) 871 218 1888

Email: a.davidson@ldag.net
Web: http://www.ldag.net/

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